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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad

Research in Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad

A fundamental dimension of higher education is the scientific research. In the 2008-2009 academic year scientific research has accelerated in comparison with previous years. It can be underlined that in 2008 UAV submitted in 9 international research projects and 7 national research projects. Of these, 8 international projects and 5 international projects have won.

The value of research contracts funded by the national competition was 2,027,202 RON and of the international projects was 52,350 USD.

During 2008, 30 articles were published in internationally recognized journals, ISI Web of Science, 13 articles in journals indexed in international databases, 84 papers published in international conferences ISI indexed volumes, 45 articles published in journals recognized by NURC - Class B +, 52 articles published in journals recognized by the NURC - Class B 104 books, representing a total of 26,135 pages, published in the national publishing house, recognized NURC, 5 books (558 pages) published in the international publishing prestige, and 1 patent/products with intellectual property right.

Most of the papers, 16 studies were published by professors from the Faculty of Food Engineering and Environment Protection with a relative factor of 13.248, followed by the Faculty of Engineering with a number of 13 works and a relative factor of 8.052 and 6 studies in BDI, the Faculty of Engineering has 13 articles and a relative factor of 8.052 and 7 works in BDI, the Faculty of Exact Sciences has 1 work in BDI article published and a relative factor of 1.000 adjusted.

Regarding the situation of books published in prestigious international publishing lies in first place throughout the Faculty of Food Engineering, Tourism and Environmental Protection of 278 numbers of pages published, followed by the Faculty of Engineering with 264 pages and the Faculty of Humanities 16 pages.

Concerning the financial resources gained, the Faculty of Food Engineering, Tourism and Environmental Protection is in the first place with an amount of 819,537RON, followed by the Faculty of Engineering with 721,885 RON, Faculty of Education and Social Assistance 259,600 RON, the Faculty of Economics with 224,180 RON and the Faculty of Economics in 2000 RON.

International visibility is reflected not only by the number of publications in journals published in international databases and books published in prestigious international publishing projects but also in international competitions and the amounts drawn from international funds. Thus, the Faculty of Food Engineering, Tourism and Environmental Protection drew 26,400 RON, and the Faculty of Engineering has attracted an amount of 25,950 RON for the academic year 2008/2009.

Of particular importance is the gaining of a research project funded by the European Union Framework Program 7. The project is won by Prof..Dr. Florentina-Daniela Munteanu, with an international consortium. The project "Folate-based nanobiodevices for integrated diagnosis/therapy targeting chronic inflammatory diseases - NANOFOL will receive funding of around 7 million euros in the 7th Framework Program for Research and Development of the European Union, of which the University " Aurel Vlaicu " of Arad will return nearly half a million euros. The consortium has 13 partners based on 8 European countries and the University "Aurel Vlaicu" of Arad was chosen as a partner both on the expertise of researchers involved and because of special laboratory facilities for research in the UAV. Currently, some carrying the necessary equipment for the project is found only in the University "Aurel Vlaicu" of Arad, which proves that this university has equipped laboratory facilities more developed than in other European universities. Aforementioned project is based on an innovative strategy in nanotechnologies to diagnose and treat rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory disease affecting only in Europe more than 2 million people. This disease is characterized by a continuous process inflammatory of synovial joints (eg knees), is likely auto-immune and can lead to joint destruction and even the bone.

Currently available treatments are associated with serious side effects including serious infections and the possibility of developing cancerous tumors. Therefore, in this project one of the main objectives is to achieve more effective treatments based on nanodispozitives with local action and also the most powerful anti-inflammatory effects and controlled. Thus, it reduces unwanted effects of treatment and improves the cost-benefit of treatments.

Another international project that is run in the University "Aurel Vlaicu" of Arad is with the European Commission by DG SANCO (Director General for Health and Consumer Protection) and supports and implements in the 27 EU Member States the project DOLCETA - Developing of On Line Consumer Education Tools for Adults (Developing Online Tools for Consumer Education Adult) transformed in time "Online Consumer Education". The University "Aurel Vlaicu" of Arad, more exactly, Prof. Dorin Herlo is the national coordinator of the project. This project is developing an elearning system for training and educating consumers primarily through existing site on public, which facilitates for learners the training skills necessary to compare products and services in the market to decide what to buy and to defend their legitimate rights as consumers. Public site now includes four modules. The first two modules of consumer rights and financial services are structured on three levels - for those ignorant of the field, for those less knowledgeable and connoisseurs - and each level of the section, subsection and articles content information, followed by examples and tests (quiz s).

Module 3- the consumer safety- offers the user the opportunity to inform and teach the legal aspects of safety and security products, categories of products, dangerous imitations, the safety of products used in home, garden, at work, in leisure and public roads and also some advice and support: eg, see the case of poisoning.

Module 4, teacher's area, offers students in the primary and the secondary and high schools, and adults especially teachers, educators, teachers, schoolmasters, teachers, trainers, etc.. to be educated online or using tools designed in this way in the area of financial management, safety and consumer health, consumer responsibility and the services consumers.

Of particular importance is the project financed by the Sectoral Operational Programme - Human Resources Development. Thus, a project of almost 14 billion old lei, aimed at combating discrimination runs in this institution. The project is part of a more comprehensive project, with a total funding of almost 140 billion lei, of which 10% lies in Arad. Assoc. Dr. Ramona Lile is the director of the project "Entrepreneurship for Equal Opportunities - an inter-school entrepreneurial model for women ", implemented in collaboration with Lecturer. Dr. Sanda Gregory, Director of Business Incubator of the University " Aurel Vlaicu". Duration of the project is two years, and activities take place in the following counties: Maramures, Satu Mare, Bihor, Arad, Timis, Caras-Severin. The objective of the project is to promote equal opportunities in entrepreneurship, by fostering the involvement of women in general and rural women in particular in the initiation and development of their business in the context of sustainable development of communities located along the county border of West of Romania. Final results of the project will develop into a training of trainers certified nationally, that 72 students formed the trainers being an entrepreneurial school with two distinct models: starting business and business development; 1800 women trained in the six counties participating in the project, studies and articles published on female entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial development on the western border of Romania.

As a proof of international visibility is the fact that the University "Aurel Vlaicu" of Arad hosted in November 2008 the second edition of the International Symposium "Research and Education in Innovation was" held every two years. Official opening of the International symposium held in Aula "Dimitrie Camenita" of complex Micalaca University. This edition includes 5 sections of the symposium included the presentation of works from several specialties: Social Sciences, Language and Literature, Economics, Engineering and Chemistry, Mathematics - Informatics and enjoyed the participation of teachers, lecturers and researchers from many countries from across Europe: Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Moldova. The symposium took place entirely in English. In the opening session of the symposium, Rector of the University "Aurel Vlaicu", Prof. Univ. Dr. Lizica Mihut handed foreign personalities invited to the Second Edition of the Symposium diplomas, and the University Medal "Aurel Vlaicu", which symbolizes the aspiration to the heights of science and culture.

It means good cooperation between Arad and university teachers, staff and researchers from abroad. The vice-rector of the University "Aurel Vlaicu", Prof. Dr. Phys. Alina Zamfir, received the prize of the Academy of Medical Sciences for the year 2008 for the discovery of biomolecules structural analyzed only by mass Spectrometry. However, the exceptional results achieved by teachers in the Faculty of Food Engineering, Tourism and Environmental Protection and funds raised by these research projects have led to the purchase of a capillary electrophoresis device, which was put into operation in the mass spectrometry laboratory of our University. Electrophoresis will work under the supervision of a team of top specialists in the field. Laboratory equipment is worth 400 thousand euros (a quarter is the contribution of the university, three quarters of European funding).

It should be noted that mass Spectrometry is a research topic to be taken into account in Romania, in 2002 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for mass Spectrometry and in Arad activates a researcher from UAV who collaborates with the two winners who they shared Nobel.
Operation of capillary electrophoresis apparatus was made by a Dutch company. It is about a very new technique in Romania which, in association with medical field, may lead to discovery of different diseases' biomarkers. The laboratory serves all medical and pharmacy universities in the country.

The University "Aurel Vlaicu" of Arad is part of the Romanian Society of Mass Spectrometry, already realizing projects of over one million euros, dew to the specialized laboratory from complex M. prof. Dr. Alina Zamfir was elected the President of the Society, of the University "Aurel Vlaicu" Vice President is Prof. Dr. Ion Oprean from the University "Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj and the Scientific Director is Prof. Dr. Nicolae Dinca, University" Aurel Vlaicu ". The company headquarter will be in Arad, because in the UAV functions a center of mass spectrometry with an exceptional international visibility. For the first time in Romania the University "Aurel Vlaicu" (with the contribution of the University President, Nicolae Dinca, and vice-rector Alina Zamfir) published a paper with impact 6 in terms of international visibility. Quality work and articles resulting from research is measured by this figure, which refers to the number of citations of that work within the two years.
Romanian literature is generally impact less than 0.5. The center in Arad, led by Alina Zamfir, brings together ten scholars. It won four national and two international projects. In only two years, it have been published 15 papers in journals with impact factor between 2 and 6, was published a volume of mass spectrometry to the Publisher Springer Verlag (Germany), were presented about 50 works-invited sessions, oral and poster contributions to the specialty conference held in Germany, Austria, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, France, Croatia and USA, and received four international awards.

In recognition of research undertaken in the UAV and special achievements of Business Incubator of the University "Aurel Vlaicu" of Arad, UAV-IT incubator is member of the Romanian Association for Technology Transfer - AroTT, professional organization of units profile of technology transfer and innovation, nongovernmental and nonprofit. Thus, in the Bucharest International Fair, director of UAV - IT Incubator, the assistant professor Dr. Gregory Sanda was appointed one of three regional vice-presidents of AroTT.

Regarding the material basis, UAV property boasts European standards, with facilities that few universities can flourish at this time - was made the third level of the building Complex M (about 2.5 Euro), 12 laboratories were completed: car maintenance, educational learning ID, languages, media, analysis water, air, soil, mechatronics, optical microbiology, gastronomy. There have also been renovated the building on Aurel Vlaicu Avenue, the hostel and canteen (investment of approximately 1.5 million Euros) and there have been made important endowments laboratory equipment, computers, furniture, etc..

For the academic year 2009/2010 we propose the following investments: Laboratory of Mechatronics and road cars (620 m2 investment amount: 600,000 euros), Dormitory (P 4, 4500 m2 area and 1.8 million euros), renovation at the building complex M (appropriate court, facade, pool PSI, ~400.000 Euro), Akademos Hotel modernization that will preserve its destination.

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