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"Aurel Vlaicu" University
of Arad

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AVU runs project with a social impact

Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad hosted the 4th pilot seminar of the SPSM-Employabilité en Europe – Public and mental health: needs, training and employability project. The Erasmus + project gathered more than 25 specialists form various areas: social workers, doctors, psychologist and educational psychologists as well as representatives of the local administration and international institutional partners […] The project which has a budget of 272 593 euros (35 996 euros being the sum allocated towards Aurel Vlaicu University) is conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Health (Luxembourg), Fédération Agapsy (France), Fondation Trajets  (Switzerland) …

(The complete version can be found here)

A new edition of the "Caius Iacob" international contest

A new edition of the "Caius Iacob" international contest for mathematics and informatics takes place these days at
the "Aurel Vlaicu" University, organized by the Faculty of Exact Sciences with the aid of the Cultural Center of Arad County.
Recognized by the Ministry of Education, the contest gahters pupils from High Schools from the region and from abroad in
the 8 sections of the competition.
"I cannot but congratulate my colleagues from the Faculty of Exact Sciences for their effort to keep and develop this contest all
these years. I am glad that the interest for this contest is growing year after year and more pupils find themselves among
the contestants and which we hope to welcome as our students", poited out the rector of the University, Prof. Ramona Lile, Ph.D.
The registration for the competition was done on-line, directly on the dedicated web page and almost 300 pupils from the
counties Arad, Timis, Bihor, Caras but also from Hungary and Serbia responded to the call.
"The winners of the contest (first prize) will be admitted without tuition fee at any study program ofered by the
Faculty of Exact Sciences. The runners up will be awarded the highest grade at the admission interwiev. Also prizes for the
most deserving contestants and the contributing teachers will be given" said Prof. Mariana Nagy, Ph.D., dean of the Faculty of Exact Sciences

Academician F.G Filip acknowledged by Aurel Vlaicu University

Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad has recently hosted the scientific symposium „Academicianul Florin Gheorghe Filip la 70 de ani”. The symposium was dedicated to the renowned Romanian academician Florin Gheorghe Filip, born in Bucharest in 1947. Holder of a PhD degree in Automation, with a decade long vice-presidency of the Romanian Academy, the distinguished professor currently heads the Science and Information Technology Section within the Romanian Academy in addition to being Director of the Academy’s Library.

The symposium held in Arad paid homage to the personality of the Romanian academician. The invited speakers highlighted important aspects regarding F.G. Filip`s managerial and scientific activity, two of his most important works being amply presented by AVU professors. This introduction was followed by a lecture on Decision Support Systems by F.G Filip.

The symposium also hosted presentations dedicated to the scientific projects undergoing within UAV with special emphasis on NanoArt-BioCell, one of the university`s most important research projects. Notable key speakers were: Prof. PhD. Ramona Lile, Prof. PhD. Valeriu Beliu, Prof. PhD. Ioan Ditzac, Prof. PhD. Valentina Balas and Prof. PhD. Mariana Nagy.

“We have been deeply honored by the distinguished professor`s visit. It was a combined opportunity for us to recognize his accomplishments and to highlight the scientific research conducted within Aurel Vlaicu University. This symposium was ultimately dedicated to scientific research” stated Rector Prof. PhD Ramona Lile.

Ramona Lile: We wish to support the Romanian community from Hungary

Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad in collaboration with ATRU (The Documentation and Information Center for the National Self-government of Romanians across Hungary) established a new accord meant to help preserve Romanian customs and habits in Romanian communities across Hungary.

“It`s a framework agreement meant to allow further joint projects aimed at supporting Romanian communities from within Hungary. It is very important that our national traits be maintained in these communities, to be passed on to the coming generations. I am convinced that through these civic and cultural activities that are to be conducted in cooperation with our partner institution, we help preserve the Romanian spirit across the border” pointed out Rector Ramona Lile.

“We wish for our joint actions to support Romanian culture and to create ties between the Romanian community from Hungary and the domestic one. Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad is able to support these undertakings and possesses the required expertise to develop relations between the two communities. Aurel Vlaicu state university has always been a trustworthy partner for the Romanian community form Hungary” added Mariana Negreu Vetro director of ATRU`s Documentation and Information Center.

2013 Call for ESF Exploratory Workshops

2013 Call for Exploratory Workshop proposals

Deadline:  18 April 2013, 16.00 CET

Each year, ESF supports between 25-40 Exploratory Workshops across all scientific domains.

These small, interactive output oriented meetings are aimed at opening up new directions in research to explore emerging research fields with potential impact on new developments in science. The workshops, which usually last 1-3 days, have a wide participation from across Europe and involve mature scientists as well as young, independent researchers and scholars with leadership potential. The relatively small scale (in terms of people involved) provides an ideal platform for focus on the topic and for all participants to contribute to discussions and plan follow-up collaborative work.

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