Digitization of Everything, the world of 0s and 1s, emerging trends in psychological assessment



Digitalization refers to the integration of digital technologies into daily lifestyle by digitizing everything that allows for digitization. In this paper, digitalization means computerization of systems for better ease and accessibility. Defining a digital psychological assessment methodology focused on how to gain more data out of individuals’ responses has always been of interest and attracting researchers in the field of emerging digital psychology who are actually willing to invest in developing such a user friendly technology is becoming nowadays more art than science. The digitization of respondents’ ratings in psychological assessments has reached a turning point in data analytics, mainly due to the limitations of statistical modeling. Statistics is simply not enough to rationally convey all the information respondent’s data reflect. In the following theoretical review, we are presenting two of the most probably used digitization techniques in psychological assessments’ data analytics, Fuzzy Rating Scales and Response Surface Design.

Author Biography

Dana RAD, Aurel Vlaicu University Arad

Dana Rad, PhD. is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social Sciences at Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad, Romania.