The customs of independent study of students


  • Mihaela Aurelia Stefan


independent study, autonomy, self-regulation learning, metacognition, self-monitoring, personal reflection.


Maximum knowledge in less time and with
minimum effort represents an imperative requirement of
contemporary humans assaulted by the explosion of
information. The rustiness of knowledge and skills needs to
acquire the methods and techniques of independent study.
Starting from the premise that the University contributes to
the development of student autonomy (to learn
independently and to be autonomous professionals in their
future professional service), the study identified how the
Students-to-Become Physics and Biology Teachers, study
individually. The information obtained through various
methods such as observation, consultation, interview,
questionnaire, research products, business students (books
notes, written works, etc.) were permanently compared
between them, in order to obtain radiography of the existing
situation at the educational level of reality on the planning,
organising and conducting the study individually. The
independent learning involves a high level of selfconsciousness,
implies the affirmation of cognitive and
metacognitive skills, as well as self-adjustment of personal


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