Primary school education


  • Laura Szabo Bejenar “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad Student - Faculty of Educational Sciences, Psychology and Social Work


primary education, activities, affective relationship


The present paper focuses on primary education
and the skills that a teacher needs in a class of young
learners. The place and the importance of such a teacher is
unquestionable. He/She needs to work with his/her students
individually and in groups in order to develop good and
affective relationship. At this stage of learning, affect is
concerned with students` feelings, and here teachers can
have a dramatic effect.This paper also tries to present how
teachers care act in a classroom, a tutor, a resource, a
participant. There are some examples of activities which
could be used in the classroom and which are essential for
both students and teachers. The present work also includes
for analysis some situations that teachers could encounter.


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