• Halyna YELNYKOVA


The article, based on the analysis and generalization of the experience of using pedagogical technologies in the educational process, presents the adaptive technology development algorithm, which allows managing and structuring the process of training students in a higher educational establishment in constantly changing internal and external environment. It is argued that the process of technologization in higher education is purposeful, structured and algorithmic, takes place on the basis of joint interaction between the subjects of education, has its elements, specific features, criteria and structure. Eventually, adaptability becomes the dominant characteristic of the teacher's activity, means the transition to a qualitatively new level of knowledge-intensity and optimality, as well as shapes the style of modern scientific and practical thinking. At the same time it makes it possible to increase the mastering of training material by students and to switch the teacher's attention to the individual development and creative thinking of students. Adaptability in education and adaptive approach is given special priority in the article. It is emphasized that the basis of the adaptive approach are provisions of the concept of directed self-organization, which contributes to the achievement in a changing environment of a predetermined intended goal. It is defined that adaptability involves aligning the goals and results of the educational process with market demand and personal goals of the individual with the requirements of society. The concept of "adaptive technologies" has been considered, as well as the approaches on which adaptive technologies are based have been presented: systemic, synergetic, active, humanistic, personality-oriented, differentiated, and adaptive. The result of the research is the structure of adaptive technology proposed by the author, which has been developed on the basis of known pedagogical technologies and includes conceptual, content, procedural-adaptive and resulting components. The adaptive technology development algorithm has been defined, which allows maximizing the mechanism of directing the joint activity of students and the teacher towards the achievement of a feasible target, increasing the extent of freedom between the subjects of the educational process, mobilizing them for the desired result.

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Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor, Department of Pedagogy, Methods and Management of Education of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy


Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor, Doctoral Student, Department of Pedagogy, Methods and Management of Education of the Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy