• Vânia Galindo Massabni ESALQ/São Paulo University- Brazil


professional development, critical incidents, collaborative processes, narratives,


University needs to collaborate and to investigate in meaningful moments that might be powerful in teachers’ ways of thinking about their practice and also impact their professional development. Considering the difficulties of continuing teacher education courses contributes to this attempt, the goal is to identify critical incidents in the narratives of Brazilian teachers related to their professional development. Two narratives were collected from 28 basic educational teachers in Brazil during one course designed to improve their professional development. Narratives could be both for research and an educationalinstrument articulated in a theoretical framework oriented to the reflection about professionality. Findings suggest that chosen moments in personal and professional construction are crucial, when they make a difference in their students’ lives to give motivation to each teacher career. The critical incidents evidence that professionalism has been an isolation phenomenon of each teacher with the lack of support in the Brazilian context.


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