• Florina Ancuta DUMINICÄ‚ University of Bucharest
  • Marcela POPESCU University of Bucharest


physical activity; academic achievement; programs; optimization; health;


This article presents the implementation of an experiment-based approach to see the impact on school achievement of the health profile student in primary school. The research relied on the principle that physical activity must be integrated into the teaching process, not eliminated because movement is essential for improving or increasing academic achievement. The experimental group was formed of 250 primary school students, divided into two groups: the control group - 125 students and the experimental group -125 students, 13 teachers, one nurse, and two physiotherapists. The experiment itself was marked by the use of methods to integrate physical activity during classes, followed by the process of measuring school results through six assessment tests in school subjects - mathematics and Romanian language - for the 250 students from the primary school cycle in Bucharest - 125 students comprised the experimental group, which integrated various physical activities in their learning, and the other 125 - the control group, which did not use physical activities in the school curriculum. The results of the study encourage the idea of using movement during every school day. Physical activity, so beneficial to health and learning, must become an important part of the educational process.

Author Biographies

Florina Ancuta DUMINICÄ‚, University of Bucharest

,Ph.D.,Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

Marcela POPESCU, University of Bucharest

,Ph.D.,Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences


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