• Carmen Maria CHISIU „Lucian Blaga” University from Sibiu


critical thinking; ONLINE activity; interactivity; responsibility; methods; techniques.


The present research capitalizes the activity carried out within the project Development and implementation of innovative motivational and didactic tools for the inclusive school in Sibiu, the module Development of critical thinking. The course started with face-to-face training activities. The pandemic caused the entire training activity to be reoriented and carried out through ONLINE activity. The research presented involved 71 teachers, in three working groups, from several schools. Each of the three groups spent 13-hour ONLINE activity, in which both learning sequences and applications, psycho-pedagogical reflections and sequences of continuous evaluation were procedeed. The course itself pursued, permanently, two purposes: to cover the contents related to Critical Thinking (the role of critical thinking in achieving learning, benefits of critical thinking, ways of development, problems faced by teachers) and to practise methods of thinking development critical, so that, by transfer, the teachers can lead them in the activities specific to the subject they teach. In addition, the development of ONLINE activities has generated a third goal: familiarizing teachers with work tools, using google forms, for specific methods of critical thinking. The research results have confirmed the formative value and the beneficial impact of the practical applicative character of the carried out activities.

Author Biography

Carmen Maria CHISIU, „Lucian Blaga” University from Sibiu



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