Ethical and Legal Aspects of Mediation and the Involvement of Mediators in Conflicts Solution


  • Antonella CheÅŸcă Faculty of Medicine, Transilvania University of BraÅŸov
  • Tim Sandle Head of Microbiology at Bio Products Laboratory
  • Dmitriy Babenko Ilya Azizov, Karaganda State Medical University


mediation, ethics, mediator


In time, efforts were made to create methods to solve the conflicts arising in human society. From this point of view, we took into account the discussion of certain new methods to solve different conflicts other than the regular ones. Mediation appeared as a reaction to the inefficiency of the inexistent methods of solving different types of conflicts. It is a well-elaborated process, within which the conflicting parties may express their opinions and interests. As well, mediation enables decision making within the involved group or by each individual. Moreover, this process requires the intervention of a mediator to facilitate the discussions of the parties. As mediation represents a matter involving various conflict aspects, its regulation was required by enacting certain norms. In these circumstances, the approach of the mediation issue implies a complex approach including both ethical and professional deontology notions for the mediators.


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