Innovative Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotic Systems


  • Dan Mândru Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
  • Alexandru Ianosi-Andreeva-Dimitrova Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
  • Adrian Abrudean Drive Medical SRL BistriÅ£a
  • Simona Noveanu Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
  • Olimpiu Tătar Technical University of Cluj-Napoca


Assistive Technology, Rehabilitation Engineering, Exerciser, Mobility Aid


Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Engineering consist in application of science and technology for more effective rehabilitation processes and reintegration of the disabled in family and society. This paper presents few innovative systems belonging to robotics, developed for maximizing the functional capabilities of people with different disabilities. Different types of original upper limb exercisers, exoskeleton-type wearable rehabilitation systems for upper limb, a complex system for mobility and posture are described in terms of their destination, structure and functional parameters.


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