Aspects of monitoring a cohort of adult homeless people suffering from tuberculosis compared to the general population of Bucharest


  • Valentina Cioran University of Medicine and Pharmacy ‖Carol Davila‖ Bucharest, Department of Public Health and Management
  • Dana Galieta Mincă University of Medicine and Pharmacy ‖Carol Davila‖ Bucharest, Department of Public Health and Management
  • Florentina Ligia Furtunescu University of Medicine and Pharmacy ‖Carol Davila‖ Bucharest, Department of Public Health and Management


direct costs, general adult population, homeless adult people, tuberculosis


In the case of homeless adults (HA), there are high rates of TB- a public health issue in Romania- due to poor living conditions and to those conditions favouring the development of the disease. The aim of this study is to compare the cases reported with chemosensitive/ monoresistant TB, in 2013 at HA with those occurred in the general adult population (GAP), in terms of socio-demographic and clinical characteristics, and to evaluate the direct costs provided to such persons from both cohorts. Data were collected from the National Tuberculosis Programme. Have been taken into account the costs directly determined strictly for detection, monitoring and treatment of patients with TB, comparing the mean values for the 2 groups. The results showed that most patients are young men, representing new pulmonary TB cases, with associated conditions (HIV, drug addiction) and that there are significant statistical differences in terms of average costs determined per HA patient, due to the extended length of stay in their case. Most of the cases are pulmonary that can transmit the disease. The average length of stay in the case of HA is about 3.0 times higher than in GAP cases.

References – ―Tuberculosis surveillance and monitoring in Europe 2015‖

Florentina Furtunescu, Nicoleta Cioran, Dana Galieta Mincă - "Stop TB among homeless adults located within the reach of SAMUSOCIAL" within the project "Development of operational research for TB control in Romania", implemented by the Centre for Health Policies and Services (CHPS) and the "Marius Nasta" Pulmonology Institute of Bucharest, as well as the Romanian Society of Pneumology, with financial support from the Global Fund to Fight HIV / AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Round 6, and with the support of the Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, 2009, 2010 -2011

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Order no. 422/2013 on the amendment and completion of the Technical regulations of implementing the national public health programmes for the years 2013 and 2014

Order no. 423-191/2013 approving the Methodological Norms for the application in 2013 of the Framework Contract on conditions of granting medical assistance within the social health insurance system for the years 2013-2014




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