The accessibility of the musical teaching contents capitalizing the substitute ways of indirect presenting of the sound reality


  • Mihaela Modoran ‖Ovidius‖ University, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Constanta


body movements, contents, drawings, graphic representations, musical education, non-conventional ways.


The substitutes presenting indirectly the sounds reality offer some important helpful ways to the pupils better understanding and assimilating the theoretical contents and the ways to interpret and get the musical message. They change into some drawings, body movements and graphic non-conventional representations reliving the different elements of the musical language replacing and anticipating the musical notation. The manner is efficient as the auditive image gets its right visual symbol. The study suggests some proposals of the greatest representative symbols of the musical Romanian pedagogical school (Mihail Gr. Posluşnicu, Grigore Magiari, Marcel Botez, George Breazul, Sabin Drăgoi, Nicolae Saxu, A. Levy Ivela) and also identifies new substitutive ways of the music from the period when it was not graphically represented.


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