• Allison Dimkpa Solomon Federal College Of Education(Technical), Omoku Nigeria
  • Ojedapo David Olugbade Department Of Educational Psychology School Of Education Federal N College Of Education (Technical)


Time Frame, Syllabus completion, Mathematics, Time table and Examination.


The study considered time allocated against syllabus completion
before external examinations. The focal points were mathematics as a subject and an
analysis of the 2009/2010 Academic Session. The analysis revealed that out of
364days in a session, only 146 days, represented 40% of the entire session did schools
engaged in various school activities. The remaining 218 days, representing 60% of the
session was observed as different holidays, making time frame to be inadequate and
insufficient for mathematics syllabus completion. Three theories: Total Quality
Management (TQM), Quality Assurance (QA) and Theory Z were posited as
frameworks. Recommendations such as more periods should be allocated for
completion of mathematics syllabus before exposing students to external examinations
and others were postulated.


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