• Ana-Maria Cazan Transilvania University of Brasov
  • Maria Magdalena Stan Transilvania University of Brasov


learning, learning orientations, learning patterns, mental models of learning, processing strategies,


The article aims to highlight the psychometric properties of Vermunt's (1994)
Inventory of Learning Styles (ILS). A Romanian higher education sample was
used in order to determine the psychometric properties of ILS. We also aimed to
analyse relationships between learning patterns and academic performances. The
results showed that the reliability of most ILS scales is satisfactory. The factorial
structure of the ILS determined through exploratory factor analysis showed a
partial superposition with the original model. The best represented factor was
active meaning-directed learning pattern, including mainly the learning
processing and the regulation strategies. Considering the cultural differences and
the high degree of similarity between the factor structure obtained in this research
and that presented in other researches we can conclude that the Romanian
version of the Inventory Learning Styles is a valid and reliable instrument.


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