• Daniela CreÅ£u "Lucian Blaga" University


teacher education, teacher training, bibliometric analysis, Web of Science,


The goal of this study is to analyze the scientific literature in the field of teacher education, indexed in the Web of Science (WoS) Core Collection database, one of the citation index for scientific and scholarly research. A bibliometric analysis was carried out looking at the period between 2000-2019. In total, 23327 documents on the topic of teacher education were indexed in the WoS, where it was found that: a) the Education and Educational Research category had the most documents; b) 2017 was the year with most publications (3298); c) English was the dominant language in these documents; d) the most numerous documents are the journal articles; e) the articles are much cited then proceedings papersand book chapter; f) the USA is the leading country in the field; g) Romania ranks 13th in the ranking of countries contributing to research in the field. For more impact and visibility of the research made by Romanian authors, there is a need to publish more articles in the indexed journals in WoS and to strengthen the collaboration relations with authors from other countries.


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