• Chidubem Emmanuel ASIEGBU Department of Educational Management and Policy Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. Anambra State
  • Rev. Fr. Christopher O. AMOJO Anambra State


School Plant; Students Academic Performance


This study was aimed at determining the relationship between
school plant and student academic performance in public
secondary schools in Nnewi Education zone of Anambra
State. Four Research questions and four hypotheses guided
the study. Correlation research design was adopted. The
population of the study was 1779 respondents made up of 49
Principals and 1730 students in the 49 schools in Nnewi
Education zone of Anambra state. The sample comprised of
88 respondents selected through simple random sampling
technique. For data collection, questionnaires were
distributed to students and principals. The instrument was
validated by experts and reliability ascertained using
Cronbach Alpha. The reliability index of 0.82 was deemed
high enough. Mean score was used to answer the four
research questions. The chi-square test was used in testing
hypotheses one while hypothesis two, three and four were
tested using the t-test statistic. From the results, it was
discovered among others that there is a positive relationship
between school plant and students’ academic performance;
that schools in urban areas have more components of school
plants than their counterparts in the rural areas; principals in
the urban areas had positive attitude towards school plant
maintenance while the principals in rural areas had negative
attitude towards school plant maintenance. Based on the
findings, recommendations were made including a clarion
call on the state government to increase funding to schools

in the annual budget, and make efforts to balance the allocation
of the education sector equally among schools in the urban
areas and those in the rural areas. Conclusions were drawn
and implications and suggestions for further studies made.

Author Biography

Rev. Fr. Christopher O. AMOJO, Anambra State

Department of Educational Management & Policy Nnamdi Azikiwe University



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