• Tetiana BONDARENKO Ukrainian EngineeringË—Pedagogics Academy
  • Maryna VASYLIEVA


A new impetus for the development of information technology in the educational process was given by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine imposed to prevent the spread of the disease. Due to the quarantine and the war in Ukraine, the educational process has moved to the online space, which has created conditions for remote learning using media content. Media education is designed to prepare students for life in the new information environment, to teach them to fully perceive different types of information, to understand and master the means of communication based on interactive forms of communication. It also improves the quality of information perception, students’ engagement in interactive classes and the engagement of all participants in the learning process in the online environment. Thus, today's realities require new approaches and teaching tools that should be implemented by modern higher education institutions in the era of Education 4.0. In order to implement new approaches to the organization of high-quality online learning, it is necessary to adhere to the Concept of Digital Transformation of Education and Science, namely the Effective Usage of Digital Technologies in the Educational Process. In the context of long-term digital learning and the lack of live communication with students, as the result the new problem occurs - decrease of motivation to learn. For solving this problem teachers need to develop and apply new approaches to the organization of online learning. One of the approaches is implementation game-based educational technologies, namely gamification the educational process. Gamification is the process of using game design principles and mechanics in non-game contexts, such as education, to make the learning process more engaging and effective. Gamification is used to deepen learner engagement and motivation, enhance their learning experience and improve academic performance. Virtual gamified teaching is an effective approach to studying process in case if the right platform, studying material and tools are used. One of the approaches to gamification is the development and use of a set of video lessons with a virtual teacher, which helps to draw students' attention to important points of the lecture and diversify the explanation of infographic objects.