The reasoning of practicing leisure sports activities in the improvement of the physical and health condition, in adults


  • Georgian BÄ‚DICU
  • Lorand BALINT University Transilvania from BraÅŸov, Faculty Of Physical Education And Sports Mountains,


Physical health refers to the body condition and its responses to injuries and diseases. Health can be maintained, respectively improved through practicing leisure sports activities, graded on an intermediate and long-term basis. This stimulus, represented by the physical exercise, if applied constantly, contributes significantly to the improvement of the physical fitness. The latter is a component of the biological side of a human being, which is acquired in time and contributes to the physical wellbeing of the individual.
Along with other measures, often more convenient, that man nowadays takes in order to be active in the socio-professional environment, we believe that, at present, a broader action of awareness is needed, in relation to the conditioning of the level of physical health, to the one expressed through the indicators of physical capacity. The present research, applied on a population pool of adult age , highlights on the one hand , the dynamics of some physical condition parameters , depending on the leisure sports activity volume, and on the other hand , the significant correlation – from a statistical mathematical point of view – between physical health and physical fitness. From this study we concluded that, a good physical fitness, acquired through a high level of participation to various sports activities, has a positive effect on the physical health, that we perceive in relation to oneself.


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