European and national educational policies between reality and expectations at the level of adulthood


  • Letitia TRIF University 1 Decembrie 1918


educational policies, educational paradigms, education for adults, cognitive societies, lifelong education.


Cognitive societies, the challenge brought about by change,
as an argument for the preoccupation with lifelong learning,
where lifelong education and training are the most adequate
way for anyone to answer the challenges of change; digital
technology transforms every aspect of the citizens’ life into
modern life, offers opportunities and multiple options, but
also risks and increased uncertainties. The citizens have the
freedom to adopt various lifestyles but also the responsibility
to organise their own lives. We emphasise the importance of
national educational programmes regarding the facilitation
and opening towards the European space of adults, in order
to demonstrate respect for the citizens of every European
community, respect for a system of values necessary
regardless of the economic or political level of each country.


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