• Mihaela Gavrila-Ardelean PhD, Assoc.Prof. „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad


professional competencies, transversal competencies, specialists in mental health, projects, Erasmus mobility,


The contemporary reality of the 21st century requires new international
competencies and skills at the workplace, in the field of mental health (Binkley et
al., 2012, Delors et al., 1996, Gordon et al., 2009, Lippman et al., 2015).
The aim of the research is to analyse the practice of specialists and their
questions regarding competencies in mental health network, to show how
educational systems can succeed in integrating teaching and assessing skills from
both the technical part (e-medical file) and clinical practice, in the international
The analysis of specialized literature is corroborated with our five years of
experience in Erasmus+ mobility projects. The experience-based results aim to
raise questions in the sphere of education policies, with the purpose of improving


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