• Rodica Mariana Niculescu Transilvania University of BraÈ™ov, Romania


teacher as a researcher and professional researcher, balance between teaching and research in education


In the academic world, a kind of Hamlet's type question has become almost
obsessive: a scholar/ academic staff should be or should not be more a
professional of teaching activity, or more a researcher.
The paper presents the coordinates of a long-term and thorny debate about the
topic of the balance between teaching and research in the context of academic
staff status. This presentation is based, on one side, on the analysis of the different
opinions expressed on wide geographical areas of the academic world; on the
other side a research about the topic within Romanian context is announced and
presented. The methods of collecting opinions were investigation based on
questionnaires, focus groups organized and run in different contexts and on
different occasions and managed observation on a wider category of teachers,
beyond the academic world, in pre-university system. The reason of extended the
area of observation is that the manner of the entire teaching staff assessment
tends to be focused more and more on the proofs of research and less and less on
the teaching performance reflected by the students' performances.
A clear distinction between the professor as a researcher and the professional
researcher, as a defined status, is argued. The conclusion of this investigation is
put into the context of the worldwide opinion on this topic.


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