• Rodica Mariana Niculescu Transilvania University of BraÈ™ov, Romania


competence profile, managerial and teaching hypostases of teacher,


The competence concept comes almost as an obsession within the context of
nowadays scientific world. Scrutinizing the competence concept is proposed by
this paper, in terms of its implying into syntagma: „professional competence
The meaning of this phrase:†professional competence profile†is explained; a
structure under a clear matrix form of this profile is presented, as an original
contribution of the author, firstly existing in her Ph.D. thesis. The processes of
recruitment, selection, and continuing training in the professional field are
explained as the beneficiary of the professional competence profile built as a
clear matrix. This is the focus of the second part of the paper.
The final part of the paper analyses the topic of the competence profile in the
teacher/professor status case, according to the multiple hypostases in a
multicultural world. The managerial hypostasis of a teacher, including the
leadership one, is put together with the hypostasis of curriculum designer and the
actor of the basic implementation of the curriculum are presented within the
context of specific requests of a multicultural world.





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