Two Referential Sides of Institutional Pedagogy – Social Pedagogy and Special Pedagogy


  • Toader Pălășan Transilvania University of Brasov
  • Ramona Henter Transilvania University of Brasov


institutional pedagogy, social pedagogy, special pedagogy


In the last ten years, all those who had education as their object of work (theoreticians and practitioners) have been concerned, consciously or unconsciously, with overcoming the magistro-centrism both by promoting a new vision that gives priority to interrelations between students as a new educational environment, nondirective group, experiential learning, self-management, etc. and by building institutional channels specific to pedagogy (the offer-demand channel, the communication channel, the decision and coordination channel, the cooperation and working channel). All these are characteristics of institutional pedagogy that holds forms specific to the transition period that Romanian pedagogy is crossing nowadays. To bring the decision closer to where it should have an effect, the students‟ cooperation in the group, group education, capitalization of local potential are ways in which the social and special dimensions are joined in the educational action. Our work proposes a reading grid of these changes in pedagogy.


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