Developing Preschool Children’s Socio-Emotional Abilities through Therapeutic Stories


  • Ramona HENTER Transilvania University of BraÈ™ov
  • Georgiana Chifor Kindergarten no. 13, Brasov


socio-emotional development, maladaptive behaviours, REBT


Nowadays constant change marks our children‟s development, they being increasingly overloaded by tasks. Their resources are not sufficient to meet the challenges, which can lead to emotional imbalances in the form of maladaptive behaviours, thus today's children are lonelier, angrier, more depressed and anxious than previous generations. School relies solely on academic education without taking into consideration their emotional development. In order to offer children the possibility to learn how to manage their dysfunctional feelings, we developed a socio-emotional development programme based on the theoretical principles of Rational Emotive Behavioural Theory/Therapy. This modular programme consisted of sequences of psychological education aiming to develop children's cognitive abilities and behaviours that make them happier and, at the same time, more productive. The present study shows successful results of the programme, conducted over a school semester in a kindergarten group.


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