• Gabriela KELEMEN Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad


education, prophylaxis; mental health; social skills; state of well-being


The issue of education, especially nowadays, raises many questions
regarding its role in school, at home, in society as well as the
ability of the educational process to keep up with the
unprecedented changes in society, in human life in general.
The leap of scientific knowledge has caused an unprecedented
evolution of technology, which has entered human life with the
aim of improving important aspects, but we also see its
negative impact in many ways. The values of the past seem to
be somehow overtaken by the new social challenges! Time has
become a precious gift; modern man no longer has enough time
either for himself or for those close to him. Everything happens
at a pace that affects human life as a whole, disrupting family
and social relationships. All this is reflected in the man's ability
to adapt to new challenges, and thus education that equips the
individual with those capabilities that make him able to face
these unprecedented challenges is necessary. The emotional
and somatic impact is mainly reflected in mental health. That
is why the school and the educational system have the role of
paying more attention to the field of mental health, raising
awareness of the dangers that can lead to the installation of
mental imbalance, prevention being the prophylactic basis. In
our study, we will emphasize the importance of studying the
field outside specialized schools, identifying certain
deficiencies in education regarding mental health, as well as
some important directions to be followed.




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