• Dragan Martinovic Faculty of Teacher Training, University
  • Vladan PelemiÅ¡ Faculty of Teacher Training, University
  • Danica DZINOVIĆ Faculty of Teacher Training, University


Starting with the fact that the age and the sex of a child are essential factors at every development stage of a child, especially so for the development of morphological dimension, this research has reached two conclusions: based on the research results the influence of sex as a development factor to the physical development of the seven-year-old children has been established. The conclusion is that there are differences in physical development of children regarding their age. Morphological dimensions are determined by sex and the difference is statistically significant. The influence of the sex as a factor to the figures of a child’s physical development can be expected regarding the fact that development rate and characteristics of physical development of boys and girls differ. The results of this research correspond to the results of similar research conducted in the past both at home and abroad.

Author Biography

Dragan Martinovic, Faculty of Teacher Training, University



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