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The topic of this paper is the theoretical research of dialogue in the educational system and its importance for reaching a higher level of socio-cultural unity in multiethnic environments. The goal of this research, as the authors see it, is researching the educational possibilities for enhancing dialogue as a method for learning, communication and self-change, which should eventually lead to improvements in the collective spirit and consequently the common good. Their theoretical view is based on the knowledge that cultural, religious, linguistic and other differences should be points of mutual connection and acceptance, and not of divergence, alienation and exclusion. In this work the postulated thesis is that dialogue which is founded on respect for others and their differences represents a sound moral basis for creative progress of individual in freedom and responsibility. Having this in mind the authors, with a wide scientific, theological and philosophical basis, developed the argumentation with which they confirm the codependence of sensitivity and care for others with personal moral development.


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