• Ruzica Petrovic Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences – University in Kragujevac Preschool Teacher Training College “Mihailo Palov” – Vrsac


The authoress deals with the state of university education nowadays. Starting from theory of miseducation, she discusses the phenomena that have appeared within education as a consequence of European educational politics and developmental movements of contemporary civilization. In this context, special critical attention is paid to the notion of “learning society†and the related terms: IT society, knowledge management and knowledge economization. The antique idea of education, humanistic concept of education and the character of today’s education are compared in the paper. The course of movement of the idea of educatedness is analysed that headed towards obliterating of the paradigms that had been established by educational tradition and which have experienced its negation through the form of modern semi-educatedness and today’s miseducatedness. 

Author Biography

Ruzica Petrovic, Faculty of Pedagogical Sciences – University in Kragujevac Preschool Teacher Training College “Mihailo Palov” – Vrsac



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