• Camelia BRAN Aurel Valicu University of Arad
  • Larisa ZBIRCEA (ONIGA) MSc candidate „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad


formal education; alternative text/calculus books; digital text book; mathematics, primary education, evaluation criteria.


Mathematics as a study discipline, is not one of the most attractive subjects for the majority of students. The rejective attitude of the human being, when dealing with the unknown, is a natural reaction of self-defence. But for some, it is precisely this lack of initial understanding that is appealing as a challenge for further discoveries and development.

In this article we have analysed three fourth-grade calculus books, both in printed and digital version, in order to establish a proper hierarchy in accordance with fourth grade national curriculum. A complex evaluation grid was used in analysing three of the most used calculus books for the fourth grade. The highest result was obtained by the calculus book proposed by Intuitex Publishing House Bucharest. For further developments we aimed to elaborate our own calculus book for fourth grade. A shorter version, for two content units, was developed and tested by the authors.

Author Biographies

Camelia BRAN, Aurel Valicu University of Arad

Associate Professor

Larisa ZBIRCEA (ONIGA), MSc candidate „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad

BSc, MSc candidate


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