• Mihaela Gavrila-Ardelean PhD, Assoc.Prof. „Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad


Pilot Seminar, socio-professional integration, mental health, specialists, competences ameliorated.


The article presents the results of the phase of Project K2: Santé
Publique - Santé Mentale (SPSM), first Pilot Seminar. The Project
SPSM refers to the professional accompaniment at work of adults
with psychic disorders. It is an interventional research in Public
Health and Socio-professional Integration. The project involved 5
European countries: Luxembourg, Romania, Swiss, Belgium and
France. In this autumn, the first SPSM Pilot Seminar took place in
Geneva. This aims to put in place a training module intended to
improve competences of the socio-professional integration
specialists. With duration of 1 week in the end of November 2016, the
first Pilot Seminar encourages the return of good practices and
exchanges of experiences and work instruments between specialists.
All the knowledge of socio-professional integration specialists that
was implemented in the pilot training action was produced through
practice.The Pilot Seminar aims to find a better adequacy of training
between the new realities of employability in companies and
administrations and the mental health policies.The aim is to exchange and
ameliorate the work instruments and specific skills in order to find the best
open training perspective, adapted to the tendencies in European mental
health needs.


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